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Florida House
Product Code: hpc310
Florida House..
King Street, St. Augustine
Product Code: hpc528
King Street, St. Augustine..
Grace Methodist Episcopal Church
Product Code: hpc192
Grace Methodist Episcopal Church..
Ponce Hotel Courtyard
Product Code: hpc343
Ponce Hotel Courtyard..
St. George Street, St. Augustine
Product Code: hpc561
St. George Street, St. Augustine..
Shrimp Packing
Product Code: hpc225
The shrimp docks on the San Sebastian River just south of King Street. The shrimp industry played a ..
Castle Warden
Product Code: hpc498
The Castle Warden was first built as a winter home for William Warden and his family. Built in 1887,..
Interior of Fort Marion
Product Code: hpc313
Interior of Fort Marion..
Marion and Ocean View Hotels
Product Code: hpc531
Marion and Ocean View Hotels..
Historical Society Library
Product Code: hpc195
Historical Society Library..
Public Library
Product Code: hpc349
Public Library..
St. George Street
Product Code: hpc564
St. George Street..
St George Street
Product Code: hpc228
This late 1800's view of St. George Street looks north between Cuna Street and the City Gate. On the..
City Gate, St. Augustine
Product Code: hpc501
City Gates..
Hotel Alcazar
Product Code: hpc164
Hotel Alcazar..
Interior stairs of Fort Marion
Product Code: hpc316
Interior stairs of Fort Marion..
Old Mortar & Watch Tower of Fort Marion
Product Code: hpc534
Old Mortar & Watch Tower of Fort Marion..
Hotel Granada
Product Code: hpc198
Built in 1893, the Hotel Granada on the corner of King and Granada Streets was purchased along with ..
Railroad Station
Product Code: hpc352
Railroad Station..
St. Joseph Academy
Product Code: hpc567
St. Joseph Academy..