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City Gate, St. Augustine
Product Code: hpc171
City Gate, St. Augustine..
Flagler Memorial Church
Product Code: hpc322
Grace Episcopal Church..
Palm Row, St. Augustine
Product Code: hpc540
Palm Row, St. Augustine..
Old Bridge
Product Code: hpc204
Looking east towards Anastasia Island, the old toll bridge connecting St. Augustine to the island an..
Shrimp boats in St. Augustine
Product Code: hpc358
Shrimp boats in St. Augustine..
Vedder Museum, St. Augustine
Product Code: hpc573
Vedder Museum, St. Augustine..
Product Code: hpc292
Alcazar, St. Augustine..
Ponce de Leon Hotel from Alcazar
Product Code: hpc510
Ponce de Leon Hotel from Alcazar..
Cordova Hotel
Product Code: hpc174
Looking east, this is the Cordova Hotel (now the Casa Monica Hotel) at the corner of King and Cordov..
Whitney's Oldest House, St. Augustine
Product Code: hpc325
Whitney's Oldest House, St. Augustine..
Plaza Monument
Product Code: hpc543
Plaza Monument..
Old Drug Store
Product Code: hpc207
Old Drug Store on the corner of Cordova and Orange Streets. Built in about 1739, the building was ac..
Sisters of St. Joseph
Product Code: hpc361
Sisters of St. Joseph..
Wireless Telegraph Station
Product Code: hpc576
Wireless Telegraph Station..
Alcazar Courtyard
Product Code: hpc295
Alcazar Courtyard..
Ponce de Leon Hotel from Cordova
Product Code: hpc513
Ponce de Leon Hotel from Cordova..
Cordova Park
Product Code: hpc177
Cordova park, better known as the West Garden of Government House, is seen in this view looking west..
Jefferson Theatre
Product Code: hpc328
Jefferson Theatre..
Sea Wall, St. Augustine
Product Code: hpc546
Sea Wall, St. Augustine..
Oldest House
Product Code: hpc210
The Gonzalez-Alvarez house, commonly known as the Oldest House, was built shortly after the city was..