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Ponce de Leon Hotel 1898
Product Code: hph253
Ponce de Leon Hotel 1898..
Ponce de Leon Hotel, Parlor
Product Code: hph457
Ponce Hotel parlor..
Cathedral; Street View
Product Code: hph724
A photograph of the Catholic Cathedral taken from the plaza. This church is located in downtown St. ..
Ponce de Leon hotel; Loggia
Product Code: hph1341
Ponce de Leon hotel; Loggia..
San Marco Hotel
Product Code: hph394
Hotel San Marco..
Alcazar Hotel, Courtyard
Product Code: hph608
A photograph of the Alcazar courtyard,from the north entrance off King Street. A bridge later crosse..
Florida House
Product Code: hph757
A photo of the Florida House in St. Augustine, Florida. the Florida House was one of St. Augustine's..
Public Market
Product Code: hph1393
Public Market..
Fort Matanzas
Product Code: hph427
Fort Matanzas..
Castillo de San Marcos; Gate
Product Code: hph694
A photograph of the entrance gate to the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine, also called Fort M..
Government House; Old Post Office
Product Code: hph1291
Government House; Old Post Office..
Ponce de Leon Hotel
Product Code: hph1433
Ponce de Leon Hotel..
St. George Street
Product Code: hph256
St. George Street..
Ponce de Leon Hotel
Product Code: hph460
A photograph of the Ponce de Leon Hotel in St. Augustine, Florida. This hotel was built by railroad ..
Charlotte Street, Businesses and People
Product Code: hph727
Charlotte Street in downtown St. Augustine, Florida. This photograph shows local businesses and peop..
Ponce de Leon Hotel; Edison Clock
Product Code: hph1344
Ponce de Leon Hotel; Edison Clock..
Jacksonville, Florida - James Square
Product Code: hph397
James Square, Jacksonville..
Alcazar Hotel
Product Code: hph615
A view of the Alcazar Hotel looking north on Granada Street in downtown St. Augustine, Florida...
Garden and Courtyard in St. Augustine
Product Code: hph760
A photograph of a private garden of a residence in St. Augustine, Florida. Courtyard gardens were no..
San Marco Hotel
Product Code: hph1396
San Marco Hotel..