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St. Augustine, Showing Georgian Attack, 1740, Silver
Product Code: hma44
A View of the Town and Castle of St. Augustine and the English Camp before it. June 20, 1740 by Thom..
Florida, Rand McNally
Product Code: hma146
Florida, Rand McNally..
West Indies & the Adjacent Countries, 1727, Moll
Product Code: hma78
A map of the West-Indies with the adjacent countries, including trade winds and several tracks made ..
Atlantic Ocean, showing Drake's Voyage,  1585-86, Boazio
Product Code: hma113
Map showing Sir Francis Drake's route. During this voyage, Drake's pirates raided Santo Domingo, Car..
St. Augustine Harbor, 1887, U.S. Corps of Engineers, Black
Product Code: hma48
Plate B show entrance and harbor of St. Augustine with depth of water, shows potion of congressional..
St. Augustine, 1981, U.S. Geological Survey
Product Code: hma149
30 x 60 minute quadrangle including contours and elevations in meters, highways, roads, and other ma..
Florida, 1591, Le Moyne
Product Code: hma81
In April 1564 Le Moyne sailed with René de Laudonniére as artist of the French Huguenot expedi..
East & West Florida, 1765, Kitchin
Product Code: hma116
A new and accurate map of east and west florida drawn from the best authorities. Unsigned and undate..
St. Johns County, 1917
Product Code: hma51
Possible geodetic survey of St. John's county. Good detail of St. Augustine, Saint Augustine Inlet, ..
St. Augustine, 1992, U.S. Geological Survey
Product Code: hma152
National geodetic vertical datum of 1929. Contour Interval appears every 5 feet, and the scale is 1:..
Florida, 1891, Jacksonville, Tampa & Key West Rail System
Product Code: hma84
Florida, 1891, Jacksonville, Tampa & Key West Rail System..
Florida, 1850, Thomas, Cowperthwait & Company
Product Code: hma119
Published by Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co. Routes of the army during the Seminole War including F..
Florida, Louisiana and Environs, 1780, Bellin
Product Code: hma54
This map, which depicts much of the easter U.S. as well as the Louisiana Territory, was produced by ..
Florida, 1839, 'Seat of War,' US Army, Mackay & Blake
Product Code: hma155
Map was created during the Seminole War for Brig. General Zachary Taylor...
Florida, ca.1893, Jacksonville, St. Augustine & Indian River Railway
Product Code: hma87
East Coast Line, the St. Augustine route and connections. This map is absolutely correct in all the ..
Florida, with parts of Georgia & Alabama, 1861: 'Panorama of the Seat of War', Bachmann
Product Code: hma122
Birds eye view of Florida and part of Georgia and Alabama, drawn from nature and lith. by John Bachm..
North America & the West Indies, 1768, Jefferys
Product Code: hma57
Containing the Peninsula and Gulf of Florida, with the Bahama Islands. Pais Cedes, Sheet IId...
St. Augustine, 1992, U.S. Geological Survey, detail
Product Code: hma158
National geodetic vertical datum of 1929. Contour Interval appears every 5 feet, and the scale is 1:..
Florida East Coast Railway & Florida East Coast Steamship Co. Advertisement, 1898
Product Code: hma90
Published for Flroida East Coast Railway and Florida East Coast Steamship Co., "The East Coast ..