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Florida, ca.1893, Jacksonville, St. Augustine & Indian River Railway
Product Code: hma87
East Coast Line, the St. Augustine route and connections. This map is absolutely correct in all the ..
Florida, with parts of Georgia & Alabama, 1861: 'Panorama of the Seat of War', Bachmann
Product Code: hma122
Birds eye view of Florida and part of Georgia and Alabama, drawn from nature and lith. by John Bachm..
North America & the West Indies, 1768, Jefferys
Product Code: hma57
Containing the Peninsula and Gulf of Florida, with the Bahama Islands. Pais Cedes, Sheet IId...
St. Augustine, 1992, U.S. Geological Survey, detail
Product Code: hma158
National geodetic vertical datum of 1929. Contour Interval appears every 5 feet, and the scale is 1:..
Florida East Coast Railway & Florida East Coast Steamship Co. Advertisement, 1898
Product Code: hma90
Published for Flroida East Coast Railway and Florida East Coast Steamship Co., "The East Coast ..
Jacksonville, 1876 birds eye view, Alvord, Kellogg & Campbell
Product Code: hma125
Jacksonville, 1876 birds eye view, Alvord, Kellogg & Campbell..
Florida & the Bahamas, 1768, Jefferys
Product Code: hma60
Florida from the latest authorities...
West Indies, 1730, Moll
Product Code: hma161
A chart by Herman Moll of the West-Indies or the "Islands of America in the North Sea", sh..
Florida, 1823, Vignoles
Product Code: hma93
Charles Blacker Vignoles..
Jacksonville, 1893 birds eye view, Koch
Product Code: hma128
Jacksonville, 1893 birds eye view, Koch..
West Indies
Product Code: hma63
West Indies..
Americas and Europe, ca.1740, 'Seat of War'
Product Code: hma579
This map shows the coastlines surrounding the northern Atlantic Ocean (or "North Sea"). Th..
East Florida, 'Lands Belonging to R.S. Hackley, Esq'
Product Code: hma96
East Florida, "Lands Belonging to R.S. Hackley, Esq"..
Amelia Island, 1770, Jefferys, after De Brahm and Fuller
Product Code: hma131
This map was published by Thomas Jefferys in 1770; it include three parts: - A plan of Amelia Islan..
West Indies & Port of Vera Cruz
Product Code: hma66
West Indies & Port of Vera Cruz..
North Florida, with South Georgia, 1864, U.S. Coast Survey Office, Lindenkohl
Product Code: hma99
Northern part of Florida Drawn by H. Lindenkohl. Compiled and published at the United States Coast S..
Florida, 'La Florida', 1584, Ortelius
Product Code: hma134
Appointed by Philip II of Spain in 1575, Ortelius provided the first modern, standardized, printed w..
St. Augustine, 1783, Bew, after Jefferys, 1763
Product Code: hma69
Plan of the town and harbour of St. Augustine in east Florida. Plan originally published in London b..
St. Augustine Harbor, 1862, U.S. Coast Survey, Huger & Dorr
Product Code: hma102
The chart depicts the town of St. Augustine during the Civil War. Features include soundings in the ..
St. Augustine Harbor, 1764, Bellin
Product Code: hma137
From Jacques Nicholas Bellin, Petit Atlas Maritime, 1764. Hand-colored engraving...